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Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa

 We are ready to deliver a full-service of modern relaxation experience by combining the concept of bathing in the authentic onsen hot springs from Japan with the science of Thai spa massage by our skillful therapist, with a full range of steam rooms and saunas. You can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in privacy and enjoy even more with a choice of 3 types of onsen rooms, including single rooms, couple rooms, and VIP MAX rooms can enjoy onsen bathing for up to 5 persons at the same time, suitable for family members or groups of business friends who want to change the place to chat relaxedly. Allowing you to bring your loved ones to relax all their painful body, alleviate all the fatigue that has accumulated for a long time to fade away, recharge your healthy body, and refill your energy with our new and outstanding services like no other from “Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa.”

  The benefits of soaking in an authentic Japanese onsen, hot water will help stimulate blood circulation, detox skin cells, and nourish your skin to be smooth and clear. The skin will look hydrated and look younger.  It also helps in weight loss and treats symptoms of various diseases, such as body aches, bone and joint pain, diabetes, and skin diseases. We combine the science of Thai spa massage with our expert massage therapists, who are ready to provide the best massage services to relax every muscle in your body with our premium spa products. Our Kaizen’s unique formula helps nourish your skin to be radiant while providing you with a relaxing massage. It’s not just a natural mineral spring system and a Thai spa massage only.

Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa is ready to provide the full options of relaxation services in our unique style, including a sauna room, steam room, and many other services.

Because we care, so we are stand out and different. We are the first and the only place in Bangkok.

   Our comprehensive hand and foot spa package, cleaning the nails, hands, and feet, followed by a complete foot massage, can only be found here, along with the original onsen from Japan. We combined Japanese onsen with the science of spa massage, creating Thai relaxation in the heart of Bangkok with modern Japanese decoration. There are also beautiful photo corners like a Japanese tea room (Chadou) to experience and enjoy authentic Japanese traditions.

  • The best private experience with VIP MAX onsen rooms for you and your beloved one to relax together. The full onsen services include the onsen rooms, spas, treatments, Sauna rooms, and steam rooms, etc.
  • The natural mineral water system blended with premium minerals helps alleviate pain and fatigue. Create a feeling of comfort and relaxation gently and safely.
  • Providing services by our high-experienced experts creates the best relaxing experience in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, simple and friendly. Premium products only at Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa. Both onsen powders and premium spa products

Forest Room

Ureshino Room

Momiji Room

Momiji Room

““You can experience a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy an onsen bath in a modern Japanese style. With our full services helping to heal both body and mind at Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa.

Onsen & Spa menu

Immersion in Onsen is another way to reduce physical and mental fatigue. By soaking in a natural hot spring at a temperature of 40-42 ° C. And benefit from the important minerals magnesium and potassium contained in mineral water. That stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the skin to radiant, it removes all fatigue and helps heal the body system from the inside out, allowing you to return freshness and energy.

Add even more relaxation by soaking in the Onsen hot spring, followed by a sauna in a room at around 70-80°C. Sauna is a way to balance your body by dilating blood vessels and encouraging blood flow throughout the body. Helps reduce headaches, reduces stiff muscle stiffness, it detoxes waste from the body and helps cleanse pores, giving the skin a radiant glow, healthy.

Foot massage is a common relaxing massage technique in which the therapist uses his hands to press on the reflex points spread over the soles of the feet by exerting weight on the fingertips. improves the blood and lymphatic systems’ ability to circulate by stimulating the body’s internal organs. It aids in the removal of waste from cells while also bringing the body system back into balance.

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Our Packages

– Nails (45 minutes)
1. Clean your feet, trim your nails.
2. Foot soak / Hand soak
3. Scrub
4. Heel scrub
5. Cut the skin.
6. Apply lotion and massage
– Foot massage (60 minutes)
Full option heel cleaning package with foot massage equipped with a full range of nail spa treatments. Cleans hands and soles thoroughly and looks healthy. Before to soaking your hands and feet in the prepared water at the appropriate temperature, wash and trim your nails completely to fully clean them. Continue with scrubs, heel scrubs, skin cuts, and then massage with lotion to help lock in moisture smooth and beautiful skin.
Finish with a 60-minute foot massage where Therapist presses his hands on the spots. At the soles of the feet, with sufficient effort to put weight on the fingertips. To help press the reflex point. Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic system, helping to bring the whole body into equilibrium. Relax your body and mind.

– Private Onsen+Sauna+Steam (45 minutes)
– Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes)
The package begins with a relaxing bath. Private sauna and hot spring steam. Contain minerals in mineral water to stimulate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, followed by sauna. Stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body. Interspersed with femininity surrendered by steam moisture. To help maintain moisture balance in the skin layer.
Finish with an aroma massage using the restaurant’s special essential oils. A gentle reflexology massage allows you to feel relaxed and lightened fatigue.

– Private Onsen+Sauna+Stream (45 minutes)
– Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Head (90 minutes)
The package at kaizen Private Onsen & Spa is designed to eliminate physical and mental fatigue for persons who must work hard and have accumulated stress for a long time. Start with a private Onsen bath to stimulate blood flow, relax every muscle bundle, make you feel light, followed by sauna and steaming, refreshing, and helping to cleanse the respiratory system.
Followed by a loosening massage in the upper part of the entire body. With reflexology techniques, tie the tense and tense muscles apart. Increases flexibility in the upper part of the body. Reduce headaches, migraines, and aches from office syndrome.

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Kaizen Private Onsen and Spa

29/5 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok 10110