Kaizen Onsen BKK: The Most Comprehensive Onsen Spa in Sukhumvit 26

Experience complete relaxation at Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa with our meticulously curated onsen and spa packages. We stand out with our expert services and premium quality products, carefully selected to nourish and balance every system in your body. Enjoy an unforgettable relaxation experience that is convenient, serene, comfortable, and exceptionally private. 

“Kaizen Onsen BKK” is the most comprehensive spa in Sukhumvit 26, offering the finest spa and relaxation experiences in Bangkok. At Kaizen Onsen BKK, you’ll find a full range of facilities designed to provide true relaxation. Our natural hot spring mineral water helps alleviate muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation, ensuring you feel completely rejuvenated.

Additionally, we offer steam rooms and natural mineral baths that enhance relaxation and alleviate core body ailments. You can also choose from various spa services and other treatments such as massages, skincare, and muscle rejuvenation. Our high-quality services and professional staff ensure you receive the best care. If you are seeking modern relaxation and health rejuvenation, Kaizen Onsen BKK in Sukhumvit 26 is your top choice.


Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa

Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa: Premium Private Onsen Spa in the Heart of Bangkok

Experience complete relaxation with the authentic Japanese onsen hot spring concept. Enjoy a serene and private atmosphere at Kaizen, the number one destination for comprehensive onsen and spa services in Sukhumvit 26.

(3A) Ureshino Room Onsen with Sauna

(3B) Momiji Room Sakura – Scented Milky Onsen

Onsen bathing is an excellent way to alleviate physical and mental fatigue. By immersing yourself in natural hot spring water at a temperature of 40-42 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy benefits such as improved blood circulation, glowing skin, and the elimination of fatigue. This therapeutic practice revitalizes your body from the inside out, leaving you refreshed and full of energy.

45 minutes – 2,800 THB / couple

60 minutes – 3,190 THB / couple

VIP Forrest Room
Flora Nature – Scented Milk/Jet Spa with Sauna and Steam

The special feature of this room is that you can choose between a jet spa system or a mineral bath mixed with milk. The differences are:

  • Jet spa system: Enhances fat metabolism.
  • Milk bath system: Leaves your skin smooth and radiant.

Additionally, the enchanting scent of wildflowers carried by the breeze along the Tonoha River, and the greenish hot water evokes the image of sunlight reflecting off a mountain stream flowing through a forest glade. This blend of natural extracts, combined with the benefits of hot spring minerals, stimulates blood circulation, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. It also helps alleviate lower back pain and waist discomfort, aiding recovery from fatigue. The room’s ambiance and the natural aromas make you feel as if you are truly in nature, bringing the essence of Japan right here. It’s so blissful that you don’t want to leave.



60 mins 4,990 / Couple


Aromatherapy massage is an art that promotes relaxation and alleviates fatigue in both the body and mind. Using Kaizen’s exclusive natural essential oil blends, this gentle full-body massage targets specific points to relieve soreness and fatigue while calming the mind with soothing aromas. Additionally, aromatherapy massage helps with skin issues, nourishes the skin to leave it soft and hydrated, stimulates hormone secretion, and promotes deeper, more restful sleep.

60 Min: 1,890 THB / person

90 Min: 2,690 THB / person

120 Min: 3,390 THB / person

Thai Massage

Thai massage, or traditional Thai massage, is a renowned therapeutic art of Thailand. Our therapists use various techniques, including kneading, pressing, rolling, stretching, and striking, utilizing fingers, palms, arms, elbows, knees, and feet. These methods help balance blood circulation in the body, alleviate muscle pain, and rejuvenate both body and mind.

60 Min : 990 THB / Person

Hot Japanese

Japanese Hot Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the soothing effects of our Hot Aromatherapy Massage, where warm oil is gently poured onto the skin, and our expert therapists use unique techniques to provide relief. This treatment is perfect for those seeking relaxation, recovering from intense workouts, or suffering from severe muscle pain and tension. The hot oil massage aids in muscle and joint relief, stimulates blood circulation, cleanses pores, and alleviates stress, making it the ideal choice for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

120 Min : 3,190 THB / Person

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage uses aromatic oil to target the deeper layers of muscle beneath the skin. This treatment is ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or those suffering from office syndrome. The massage helps relieve pain caused by muscle tension and daily stress, providing significant relief and promoting overall well-being.

120 Min : 3,790 THB / Person

Foot Massage & Back Neck and Shoulder

Foot massage is a highly popular relaxation method where our therapists use their hands to apply pressure to various points across the soles. This technique involves pressing with fingertips to stimulate reflex points, enhancing the function of internal organs, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and aiding in detoxification. It helps bring the body’s systems into balance.

Following this, we address fatigue from strenuous work with targeted massage techniques for the head, neck, shoulders, and upper back. This involves acupressure to release tension in muscles, increase flexibility in the neck and shoulders, and promote better blood circulation. Head acupressure helps reduce headaches, migraines, and muscle tension caused by office syndrome, providing comprehensive relief and relaxation.


90 Min : 2,890 THB / Person

Body scrub

Body Scrub

Enhance your relaxation with added benefits by using Kaizen’s special Lemon Scrub. Our therapists gently exfoliate your entire body with this unique formula. The exceptional properties of lemon help detoxify the body and skin, remove dead skin cells, and prevent skin issues caused by fungi and bacteria, revealing smooth, hydrated, and naturally radiant skin.

Premium 24k Gold Scrub.

Explosion of Body Scurf.

Premium Lemon and Lemongrass Scrub.

Detoxifying Tea Tree Body Scrub.

60 Min : 2,390 THB / Person

7 Steps: Shine Bright with Natural Jade Eyes Treatment

Indulge in a gentle yet deep facial care regimen with our 7-step treatment, featuring Kaizen’s special organic facial products. Our therapists perform a delicate massage across your entire face to ensure the vital ingredients penetrate deeply into your skin. This treatment provides intense hydration, restores firmness, and brightens your complexion, leaving you looking healthier and more radiant than ever.

70 Min : 4,990 THB / Person

7 Steps: Youth Skin with Guasha massage Treatment

Experience our 7 STEPS treatment for a firmer, more youthful-looking face. This treatment combines premium organic products with expert hand massage techniques across your face, neck, and décolletage to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, enhancing skin health from within and promoting a radiant exterior. Additionally, acupressure massage provides relaxation, lifts and firms the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and naturally brightens your complexion.

70 Min : 5,990 THB / Person

Kaizen Onsen BKK: Exceptional Onsen Spa Menu Guaranteed to Impress from Your First Visit

The team at Kaizen Onsen BKK is highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-quality service. We offer personalized advice and the best services to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction. You can be confident that you will receive the finest spa experience on your first visit to Kaizen Onsen BKK. No matter which spa menu you choose, each package is designed to provide deep relaxation, alleviate stress, and introduce you to a world of rejuvenation.

Additionally, you can enjoy other services such as onsen bathing, traditional Thai massage, and facials. Experience the most comprehensive spa services in Sukhumvit 26. Don’t hesitate! Come and enjoy the best spa experience with guaranteed satisfaction at Kaizen Onsen BKK in Sukhumvit 26 today!


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Kaizen Private Onsen and Spa

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