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  Experience our full-service relaxation at Kaizen Private Onsen & Spa with our perfect selection of onsen and spa packages. With our expert services and premium quality products, we meticulously prepare to nourish and balance your body systems. We offer the most convenient, peaceful, comfortable, and unforgettable private relaxation experience.

45 mins Onsen Bathing 1,500 THB/Person

 Soaking in an onsen is another way to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Immersing yourself in a natural hot spring at 40-42 degrees Celsius with mineral water will stimulate blood circulation, nourish your skin to be radiant, eliminate all fatigue, and recharge with full energy once again.

45 Min : 1,500 THB /person

45 mins Onsen Bathing+Sauna 1,790 THB/Person

Adding even more relaxation to soaking in the onsen hot springs, followed by a sauna in a room with a temperature of about 70-80 degrees Celsius. A sauna is a way to help balance the body entirely by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood circulation throughout the body. It will help reduce headaches, reduce stiff muscles, detox waste from the body, and help clean the pores while enhancing a radiant glow and healthy skin.

45Min : 1,790 THB /person

60 mins Foot Massage 990 THB/Person

Foot massage is a popular relaxation method in which the therapist uses his hands to press on points scattered across the soles of the feet. Exerting weight on the fingertips to press on the reflex points stimulates the functioning of the body’s internal organ systems. It will let the blood and lymphatic system flow better, help to drive waste out of each cell and adjust the body system to reach a state of balance.

60 Min : 990 THB /person

90 mins Back, Neck, Shoulders, and Head Massage 1,490 THB/Person

Relieves fatigue from hard work using hands to acupressure massage and relax the strands in the head, neck, and shoulders to help loosen tight and tense muscles. Increasing flexibility for the neck and shoulders stimulates blood circulation, and reflexology on the head helps relieve headaches and migraines, including reduced pain from body stiffness and office syndrome.

60 Min : 1,490 THB /person

60 mins Aromatherapy 1,990 THB/Person, 120 mins Aromatherapy 3,780 THB/Person

An aromatherapy massage is a massage science that helps create relaxation and relieves both physical and mental fatigue by using Kaizen’s unique formula of natural essential oils, gently massage the pressure points to different body parts. It will help to relieve pain and fatigue, calms the mind, and relax with aroma therapy. In addition, aromatherapy massage also helps reduce skin problems, nourishes the skin to be smooth and soft, stimulates the secretion of hormones within the body, and helps promote more sound sleep.

60 Min : 1,990 THB /person

120 Min : 3,780 THB /person

60 mins Thai Massage 1,490 THB/Person, 120 mins Thai Massage 2,780 THB/Person

Thai massage, or traditional Thai massage, is a well-known science of massage therapy in Thailand where the therapist will use various methods to help loosen the muscles, including squeezing, pressing, rolling, bending, or pounding using fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, and soles to balance the circulation of blood in the body, reduce muscle aches, increase energy for both of the body and mind.

60 Min : 1,490 THB /person

120 Min : 2,780 THB / pair

[KAIZEN Signature] 60 mins Body Polish - Lemon Scrub 2,390 THB/Person

Adding benefits beyond relaxation with a unique lemon scrub (Lemon Scrub) by Kaizen’s unique formula, we will gently scrub all over the body with the outstanding properties of lemons that help detox toxins from the body and skin. It helps to remove and peel dead skin cells, inhibits skin problems caused by fungi and bacteria, reveals smooth, soft, moisturized skin, and makes your skin look naturally radiant.

60 Min : 2,390 THB /person

70 mins KAIZEN - Shine Bright [Hydrating & Brightening] 4,990 THB/Person

7 STEPS gently and profoundly nourishes facial skin using Kaizen’s specially formulated organic facial care products. Gently massage over the entire face to deeply push essential minerals into the skin and help add moisture, restore firmness, brighten your skin, and make it look healthier than ever.

70 Min : 4,990 THB /person

[KAIZEN- Signature] 70 mins - Age Defying Firming Facial [Firm Lift & Youth Skin] 5,790 THB/Person

7 STEPS of lifting treatment, adjusting facial skin to be firm and look younger by using premium quality organic products combined with hand massage techniques throughout the face, neck, and décolleté to stimulate the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system. Enhancing the skin’s health from the inside to shine to the outside with a reflexology massage to help create relaxation, lift your face, fade out wrinkles, and naturally adjust the skin to be beautiful and clear.

70 Min : 5,790 THB /person